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tv   Pop Xport - Special Superstar D Js  Deutsche Welle  March 11, 2018 3:30am-4:00am CET

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in fighting for the taking in the world. here's what's coming up women. for your. smart talks smart state the legend frank recently dangerous time hello. welcome to the special edition of pop export d.j.'s like felix again aleph oben and paul fun dyke regularly topped the international charts and headlined dance festival lineups are around the world we accompany the three men at their international gates superstar deejays made in germany.
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on the musical french they are germany's number one hit export. one twenty years ago nobody could have imagined they'd be d.j. festivals on this scale also many of them to get their shows are attended by tens of thousands of fans all over the world. in the last three years it's travelled from australia the air india all over south america the us several times and all of europe and also south africa and indonesia. and they are just the tip of the phenomenon. there used to be one hundred new records a week today there are probably ten thousand trucks a week tricks that get. for
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the cancer today you can download some software and start putting down beats and if you're good on. germany deejays are in big demand at home and abroad. and do not have an established house and club scene in germany and that's also somehow part of our culture. félix again in a hotel before a gig still just twenty three he's one of the most in demand d.j.'s on the planet he realised he'd found his calling while he was still in his teens i started playing my first club gigs in northern germany at the age of fifteen or sixteen and after graduating from high school when i was seventeen i really focused on it one hundred percent on the books and core focus here. this is for the alice of the middle this is basically all i take on stage my headphones it even says felix is headphones and two memory sticks. and then i
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always have a spare pair of phones with me which is in the suitcase so if a piece of luggage gets lost i still have another set of phones in states so theoretically all i need to perform is my suitcase or even my backpack. felix iain belongs to a new generation of musicians equipped with just a memory flash drive this evening he's again playing on the main stage of a major festival. you made his breakthrough in twenty fifteen with a smash hit with a mix. his version of cheerleader by jamaican singer only was so popular it went on expectedly to the top of the charts in fifty five countries.
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with. his song four dollars and john mica it have been a hit in jamaica i think but nobody in the rest of the world knew it even when i put out my remix they went nowhere for the first six months no one but people started to pick up on it. it went to number one on spotify and sweets but with no marketing or record like marketing push on a platter people just thought i like that market and loaded it into their playlist sent it to their friends posted it on facebook and that's how it gradually took off like. it was stream seven hundred million times on spotify and a billion on youtube. since then game has been playing to sizable crowds such as at the summer sound festival in latvia for the young man who grew up on the baltic sea coast it's always
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a massive moment going on stage. what you've actually got it was about no matter how big or small i'm always excited before every show and today i'm in lafayette where i've never played before those guys cheat codes are tearing the place up right now we have fifteen minutes for the changeover i'm in the closings that which means everyone who doesn't want to see me can go home those are all the thoughts that go through your mind beforehand plus i hope there will be no major incidents an ambulance just rolled by and that i have a great crowd that i got out of thought about. making. i. for a headliner appearance like this top deejays like felix iain earn up to six figure fees. today set last seventy five minutes gameplay is
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a mix of church music hip hop beats and his own tracks. i. i. knew. the key to teaching is beating the crowd and building up the groove to a climax or drop. the to.
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i. i i. thought. i. was the lead takes the fun and they're singing the lyrics to the songs they're in a good mood and can forget everyday life it's just a nice moment you can share with them. even though.
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he stays in touch with his fans by a social media to. see if you do fan mail contact with the fans is really important to me as i am also an intensive user of social media i do all the posts myself and i now respond on instagram we have a hash tag called first for felix where i answer the first four comments under each photo of your comment i want to you for to i. use a condom what music always comes first and the main thing about most successful d.j.'s and producers is their own singles and their production and that makes you just as much musician songwriter and producer and that's why the artist keep winning.
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here's another master of the art of deejaying and record production. here's how it starts. to find out when me and the other guys started out the music didn't even exist we had an idea of the sound we wanted to listen to and had to create it ourselves. the knives or guns i've just made the bass notes longer but that really affects the
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whole thing in terms of compression and then individually in relation to the kick drum and so on. well that's a little bit of talk. talk. music has always had this meaning for me perhaps because i grew up with my stay on radio set in east germany and always listen to west berlin stations that was my only connection to the outside world. has been making music for over a quarter of a century and has had a defining influence on the evolution of the transfer. he's been voted best deejay in the world multiple times and still racks up more
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a year than most professional pilots. but in february twenty sixth seen back glittering career almost came to an abrupt and fatal end. i had a pretty bad accident there was this stage construction and i'm there was covered with black fabric but that was a very robust. i fell through it because the cloth couldn't bear my weight. on it and then when underneath the stage there were these intertwined cables and structures and so i plunged six meters down and got pretty damaged. bones. inspiration pushing east. and i was bleeding in several places and i have to say i was lucky that there was
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a specialized neurological clinic just ten minutes away from the venue. venue. as if it happened in amsterdam and not an actual next to the un see i wouldn't be sitting here today. the damage to my brain was so massive that i doubt i'd be here now in. this continent question. as i couldn't speak i had to learn all the basic things again. and without the strength of my wife at my side without my god i couldn't have done that either if i hadn't had her as
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a reason to cling on to life i would have given up and he came. rushing to fish. it was bad but i concentrate on the positive because positive things give you more motivation. yes it's not that i want my performances to be part of my treatment program p plans no way. but it was very important for me to have a goal for example that i would like to be back on stage on such and such a day you know like a deadline he should go down the fish can be helped and resigned. her the one. when it comes to his music and performance says paul fan dyke is a perfectionist i i i
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i guess i fellow german d.j. marco schultz is overrun is annoying i plus there's an unfinished technical set up shortly before fantastic his do on stage i listen i. i think the show is a multimedia trance performance a work of art. layer by layer vandyke using sequencers and mini controllers to break down tracks into their constituent parts before we have some ling them live at the controls. that means
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each set not only sounds different above all it sounds exactly as paul van dyke wants it to. play. ligo
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i'm going to go on about what we can of the i think one of the reasons why i'm still here is because i'm pretty authentic that of us i stay true to the kind of music that i actually believe and when i refused to sell out or be a vehicle for trans. mi five b. that. list keeps expired if i put up to their event two or three productions in my career where i've listened to a manager where i moved a bit away from my own clear direction they said try this way or try it that way and to be honest those are the two or three tracks i never even play myself. that i
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like. and you think by chance or you see it's a different world. i think steve said i believe everything like that i was like his tribe i come back with more and i have a part and then you keep going and it's just not inside out. the scene has become increasingly professional over the years. from was ico to me for a long time what made the electronic music seem different was that it wasn't an industry as such although the scene did have professional elements but since then it has become an industry that what you see in the top forty charts for example are ultimately products of the music industry people go. to scan to d.j. the whole d.j. thing has emerged from the underground because d.j.'s are also producing and putting out their own music house thing. it's a different artistic role and
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a different market and as dashed in my model finds about michelin and once you've had a number one of course you want another one to say you are addicted sounds negative but sure it's a motivational and at the same time of course there are more and more business aspects creeping in just in this business has picked him and i. chanced similar also known as the farm has also had a range of international here it's. once its leash basically i do electronic dance music and a source of sheen and i get a lot of influences from different directions like pop and rock i even used to play
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a country influenced song. politics i work with other artists because i can't sing and i'm not a good instrumentalist. berlin native dance to my has taken his summery beats melodies and live performances to the top of the charts but to do that he had to shelve his dream of studying art and give up his job as a pastry chef. today as our foreign he spends every summer on tour sometimes playing three shows in twenty four hours. and i found my neck a you know at the start of my career i didn't know how much i could work and was getting a bit tired so i just said ok i have to change things i don't drink as much alcohol anymore i eat healthier i do sport and since i've been doing this i can work for two months at a time without a break and still come up smiling cannot in one operation.
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on. one class of my typical first of all day is for get up in the morning usually around eleven hours then have breakfast at this time. for content to the airport if you want already sleeping at the airport hotel and then we fly to x. y. z. in most cases we still have to drive from the airport to the venue the shows usually take place in the early evening. then i go to my hotel and it starts all over again the next day. but. as my kind so i see a lot of airports a lot of hotel rooms and a lot of backstage areas.
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i with this kind of schedule a thirty minute break for food becomes a luxury. and five minutes of privacy even more so. if i recovered bill was pretty special i was really happy because i knew it was going to be the biggest gig of the year and that's to say from the stage size alone and also from the live musicians on it. and then the skies opened and i stood there thinking oh god what's going to happen now. for all of fathom it will be the most eventful show of his career so far. wiser.
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and not just because ten thousand people are waiting for him in the rain. i. think i i. i . i was
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cut i was eleven eleven eleven al kut was limited i think fashion's we were all like ok it's pouring down but the people are still that it'll still be a great show and then behind me the power failed almost five i mean him move. to a. battlefield combatant he didn't seem to know i had mine for my microphone on all my equipment at the park or out front with the
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mikes for the singers and the trumpets i was still working at home pete on the phones. and to me all he turns to look at me like are you kidding me because for music's gone the music is thick and i just look at him and call over yeah the music is gone it was everything's gone this is i was i was. cool i was thank. god thank. thank you. thank you i. thank. you little bit so everyone who saw i didn't get to follow. the beats i thank you little
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god i was a young meek unique was on stage and it was like we'd rehearsed it. you was. sad i did ses i i i. i dreamt graham did beat box to keep the rhythm going on leonard play trumpet that meant we were in the game and did a performance for ten minutes show them the same and i think that was. i i could see how sense they got the system back up for the last song we had exactly six minutes left we played one song and then it was over. it was amazing. amazing is also the apt way
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to describe the huge popularity of e.d.m. electronic dance music with deejays from germany very much at the forefront. the be. the boat.
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the be an award winning film cuts both so controversial the financing is most obese and marry. the bulk of the charges against the bandages influenced the discussion of jimmy's nonsense possibly the bellman and to subscribe to a jimmy. zubair
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